Get To Know Me

This is probably going to be more fun for me to write than it is for you to read, but hopefully you’re still entertained! I present to you a little insight into Aimee. I will create a sort of list of things I like, don’t like, can’t live with out, stuff that makes me happy and stuff that makes me boil inside, just to give you a better idea of the kind of person I am. This is a somewhat superficial representation of myself because I believe people can’t be defined by their hobbies or favorite color, but I still think the following random facts about me give you a fair taste of what makes me me. I’m also letting you in on some Aimee facts that are pret-ty embarrassing. Judge, if you must! Actually, please don’t. 


-People watching. Looking at people fascinates me. I especially like checking out people’s shoes.

-I like to tweeze my eyebrows while traveling on a long bus, train, or car ride.

-Iced coffee. American style though. Straight up black coffee with ice cubes where I pour out a little and add milk and spoon fulls of sugaaa.

-Cleaning my ears and just feeling clean slash hairless in general.

-Cooking and baking. I really like looking up new recipes on the internet and trying them out with my boyfriend. It’s such a satisfying feeling when you realized you’ve done something right since it tastes spectacular! My specialties include: Zucchini and banana bread, blueberry cake, guacamole, salsa, elaborate salads, soups: carrot-ginger, black bean, and zucchini-creme, bruschetta, omelettes, smoothies

-Really hot showers (really, really hot).

-Giving myself a pedicure, painting my nails is also always a very gratifying experience.

-Reading. I don’t have a favorite genre though. I really like reading because it’s something enjoyable to do while traveling somewhere, it’s also a fun down-time activity to do besides looking at my damn computer screen, and as a writer, it’s very inspiring to be exposed to different writing styles and language uses. I’m always looking for a good new book to read, recommendations are appreciated!

-Staying on top of celebrity gossip (embarrassing guilty pleasure).

-Playing cards/learning new card games.

-Getting mail (in my 3-dimensional mail box!) SO NICE!

-Making lists…and checking them off!

-Warm laundry fresh from the dryer (I miss this!).

-Not checking my Facebook for a while and having an exciting amount of new notifications.

-When my hair looks good! Good hair days are the ultimate picker-upper.

Random fact: I taught myself how to do cornrows. I used to cornrow my sister’s hair throughout our childhood! Colorful beads at the ends and all! 

-Writing! (obviously) I have many stories to tell! I just need to work up the courage to get them all down on paper!

Random fact: I founded the poetry club in high school and used to be heavily into writing poetry.


Random fact: I used really love watching horror films, for a long time, my favorite movie was The Ring. 

-Channing Tatum.

-Being bilingual.


-Feeling prepared.

-The smell of freshly baked bread.

-When old people shoot you a lovely smile.

-How ridiculously tiny infant babies are.

-When my boyfriend let’s his beard grow.

-Reading the news.

-Shopping (instantly improves a bad day).

-When the little kid in me shines through.

Being active:

-I think regular exercise is very important and I like it, but I know it’s easier said than done unless you get into a routine.

-I like yoga, swimming, jogging, volleyball, biking, and going to the gym.

Random fact: I was on the swim team for two years in high school, I joined on a whim, it was crazy!

-Swimming in the ocean and crashing against the waves (but I HATE getting salty water in my eyes or mouth, I freak out if it makes contact!).


-My mom: I love her dorkyness, her old soul, her immense care and love for other people, her over-emotionalness (though this also drives me crazy), her love for literature, her hugs, her desire to give even though she doesn’t have a lot, her blue-green eyes, and her smile!

-Traveling: After I left the U.S. for the first time in 2009 I haven’t stopped traveling the world. I can’t get enough of other cultures, their way of life, their food, their personality, their values, their buildings, monuments, oceans, their skies and their dirt.

Random fact: I’ve been to 15 countries and my favorite places include: San Francisco, Highway 1 (Big Sur), New York City, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rhodes Island in Greece, Ireland, and the Czech Republic (I’ve enjoyed EVERY PLACE I’ve visited, but these places stand out in my heart).

-Cuddling: Especially with my boyfriend. He’s the softest, best smelling combination of manly and lovable.


-Mexican cuisine. Eating it AND cooking it. This includes burritos, nachos, tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, taco salad, black bean soup, guacamole, & salsa. I could never have enough avocado in my life OR Mexican food!

-Toasted bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes. We’ve had a love affair for a while now, this meal and I. I love cream cheese. I love tomatoes. In fact, I am convinced that adding tomatoes or cream cheese to ANY thing makes it taste better. This brings me to my next weakness…

-CREAM CHEESE. Cream cheese cake, dipping my oreos in cream cheese, dipping my hot cheetos in cream cheese, I dip it allllllll

-Cheese in general. My favorite cheeses: Chedder sharp, Gouda (aged), sheep cheese & Feta

-A nice piece of medium-cooked beef steak.

-Greek salad (but just in Greece! I have never been able to make or find one that tastes as good as when I was there!)

-Pfeffi (a neon-green peppermint liquor that only costs 3,59 Euro for a large bottle) I love it.

Random fact: French fries are such a delicious, greasy treat, but I especially love the little crunchy fries you usually find at the bottom of the batch!

Random fact: I give an effort not to eat anything with Fructose-corn syrup, OR  that’s high in sodium, OR processed items, I also gave up pork (since 1.1.14) 

-Tea (Earl Grey, Green, Ingwer, and Chai are my faves)

-Alcohol I like: Weissbier (wheat beer), vodka-cranberrys are my drink of choice in Cali, strong cocktails like Long Island Ice Teas and Zombies, I also like Cuba Libres, Clubmate (caffeinated tea) with Krauter (herb) liquor, and Weissweinschoerle (white wine with bubble water)

-List of some favorites: tomato pizza dipped in ranch dressing, dark chocolate, vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, kohlrabi, spinach), unsweetened cereal (Corn Flacks, Rice Crispies, Cheerios, Chex), potatoes (baked, fried, mashed, or boiled), sushi (especially fried), Schnitzel, putting fruit in my cereal, egg/spring rolls, INDIAN FOOD, red onions, ice-cold water, gold fish snacks, Hot Cheetos, almonds, anything smothered with sour cream, anything cooked by my boyfriend’s grandma, the skin from holiday turkeys, grilled cheese sandwiches, elaborate casseroles and pasta dishes


-Musicals!: Grease, Chicago, Jersey Boys, Annie, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Disney movies

-I love 50’s 60’s, and 70’s Motown classics: the Stylistics, the Four Seasons, the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, El Debarge, the Jackson 5 (I am my mother’s daughter)

-Singing along/dancing to early 2000’s hip hop makes me really, really happy.

-I spent a lot of my preteen and teenage years choreographing dances to many Destiny’s Child, Ashanti and Mya songs

Random fact: I know every word to the following MOST RANDOM list of songs:

  • “What would you do?” by City High
  • “Big butts” by Sir Mix A Lot
  • “Shake ya ass” by Mystikal
  • “I’m going down” by Rose Royce
  • “No more” by 3LW
  • “The greatest love all” by Whitney Houston
  • “All the small things” by Blink 182
  • “All star” by Smash Mouth

-I’m a sucker for Glee remixes, David Guetta, ALL Britney songs, Adele’s voice, chart hits, and the song, “Get out of your mind” by Lil’ John

-Some of my favorite artists include: Mika, The Kooks, Michael Buble, Phil Collins (Genesis), Jack Johnson, John Mayer, the Expendables, Rebelution, Amy Winehouse, Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath), Alicia Keys, BEYONCE, Sublime, gotta check my old iTunes playlist for more

Random fact: My first concert was Summer Sanitarium (at Candlestick Park :[) when I was 10 years old. The lineup included: Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock and System of a Down


-Second hand shops are my ultimate playground. I get so much joy from rummaging through racks of dresses, t-shirts and purses!

Random fact: More than half of my clothes have been bought from Goodwills, Salvation Armys and other thrift shops in California and Germany and a lot of the dresses I own I bought over 7 years ago when I was in high school 

Random fact: If a pair of jeans fits my short, stubbly legs perfectly it’s very difficult for me NOT to buy them. 

-Scarves!! But I’m the type who ALWAYS loses them. Grrrr…dislike.

-Shoes!! I have lots of them to prove it! But they all fall a part pretty quick since they majority of them cost less than 20 bucks/euro.

Random fact: In high school I was obsessed with earrings. I have four holes in one ear and three in the other and always filled them with colorful studs and long, dangly earrings. I probably had over 30 pairs. I was also obsessed with blue pearls. (I still kind of am!)

Random fact: I wore grandma sweaters and floral dresses before you.

-Flee markets!


-When ONE person with their measly backpack takes up a FOUR person seating space on the train. I HATE it. It’s SO STUPID and inconsiderate. OMG.

-FLYING. And airports & airplanes & take offs & landings AND turbulence & cramped spaces, oh god what a nightmare! Especially because I’m someone who…

Random fact: CAN’T fall sleep any where besides my bed (and even that’s a challenge sometimes), I pee multiples times an hour, every hour. This makes long flights just awful, for me and my fellow passengers!

Random fact: I can’t leave the house without having chapstick and at least two different kinds. If I do, I feel naked and uncomfortable.

-Having dry skin. I also can’t leave the house with out my lotion. My face is always pretty dry and if it wasn’t for my unscented, perfume-free, alcohol-free face lotion I would go crazy!

-That I bite my nails. I’ve had this bad habit since I was a young child

-People who cut in line (ANGERRRRRR).

-German politeness (or lack there of).

-Not a big fan of mushrooms, fish, sweet salad dressings, vegetable pies or cakes, figs, grape fruit, warm soda, Pilsner beers, soda water (water with gas), brussel sprouts, strong cheeses. (I’ll still eat everything on this list, but I would never put them on my grocery list!)

-When my boyfriend tells people that I embarrassingly called myself “Aimdizzle” for a short period in middle school

-When people help themselves to my food…while I’m eating it! (Tom, you’re an exception I guess.)

-When people you don’t know well enough make jokes that involve insulting you. “Haha, you’re such stupid bitch, haha just kidding!” Not funny.

-Being cold.

-German winters.

-Bugs and insects of all kinds!!!


-Video games, soooo pointless.

-Fantasy shit (like Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones) Yes, I know you all hate me now.

-Mosquito bites.

-Spicy food- I can’t HANDLE IT, OKAY?

-The fact that I still care too much about what other people think.

-When people casually wear neon.

-Growing up -why is life so confusing?!

-Hangovers, I’m useless the day after I drink.

-The dentist (I have a very low-pain tolerance).


-Having to pee outside and when public restrooms run out of toilet paper, but I’ve noticed after it’s too late.

-Bathing suit shopping (dressing room mirrors and lighting are EVIL).

-weN PpL mIsSsPeLL On PuRpOSe aNd RitE LiKe DiS.

This was fun, but also a challenge! Feel like you know me now?!


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