The Smoothie Life


Look at me, keeping up with the trends!

If you’re like me and you regularly hit up websites like Mind Body Green, Buzzfeed or Huffington Post, then you have probably had your fair share of the green-smoothie-rage. Your standard headline today reads, “Jessica Alba leaves apartment stunning, even with daughter and green juice in-tow.” Green juice is making cameos on every health blog, fitness magazine and entertainment based website lately, but it has nothing to do with the post I am about to share with you. And the reason for that is, because I have no idea what is inside those intimidating beverages, I have never made one and I probably never will. But, what I do know is that mixing up your produce and coming up with a variety of different delicious creations every day gives me joy and also satisfies my belly. Oh, the unemployed-life- the rare opportunity to experiment, discover, slow down and sleep in until noon.

The last time I lived The Smoothie Life, I wasn’t unemployed; it was during my senior year in college, my roommate had brought home a blender and I just went wild with it. Then it broke. Fast forward 3 years, and you’ve got yourself a smoothie pro. I spend my days alternating between job applications and jogging, and I reward both acts with a tasty smoothie!


IMG_1754I started out mixing your typical smoothie ingredients, you know, like: bananas, strawberries, blueberries and ice. Then I gave plain yogurt a go and found out that adding it makes your smoothie less sweet, but gives you more mix. The more I used yogurt, the less I liked it. It looks and smells funny and I like my smoothies to be sweet as they want to be! They’ve earned that right. After I was bored to death by yogurt I decided to try out EVERYTHING. I made smoothies out of oranges, lemons, apples, raspberrys (my fave!), limes, peaches, apricots, melons, kiwis, carrots, and SPINACH. I gave different combinations a shot and played around with adding splashes of milk and handfuls of flaxseeds. Nothing ever came out tasting terrible, but I did nearly electrocute myself into the afterlife. Read my survival story here.


IMG_1750The most exciting part of all of this, is how my smoothie trials and tribulations turned me into a smoothie master. Or “Smoothiemeisterin” auf Deutsch. I worked out the perfect combinations! A bright color scheme would come in handy to help you remember what fruity and vegi delights taste the best together. One of my favorite smoothies is made up of the sun rays- apricots, banana, honeydew, and peaches. Uh-yum! The smoothest smoothie that could ever gracefully dance down your throat as you moan in delight includes the following recipe: 10-12 (frozen) raspberries, 1 medium sized banana, 2 kiwis, 1 handful of fresh spinach leaves, 7-10 blueberries, a splash of milk and two ice cubes. Man, I’m tellin’ you. Final thoughts: Spinach makes every smoothie taste BETTER. I’M NOT JOKING, flaxseeds rocks (do it!) and get a gahd damn blender already, Aimee. (I use a baking mixer thingy).

Slow Down

This is such an underestimated and undervalued concept. You think you have to go, go, go, but if you would just pay attention to your needs, you would realize, you’re body, mind and soul are screaming “Slow down, Breathe, Notice.” I am taking this with me to the employed life! After having had the opportunity to slow down, take a few deep breaths and notice, I realized how much of my time I fill with “go, go, going” and how much of that is not even necessary moving (e.g. Facebook stalking, forcing plans when I’m tired, reading celeb gossip). Life is time people. If you can, just slow down long enough to remember that, to breathe in deeply once, to notice how it feels, and then make a smoothie! P.S. It’s important to take your time with smoothie preparation. It’s better to peel the skin off fruits like apples, pears and sometimes even peaches and apricots. You’ll notice the difference!

Sleep in until noon

Oops. This totally goes against my whole underlying message of the section above. Did I say sleep in until noon? I think I meant to say, like, 10:30 or 11. Well, let’s be real, we’ve all done it! I’m not ashamed, I’m too well-rested to care. I should have used some of those mornings more productively, I will admit that. But maybe let this just be a little reminder that if you are not getting a lot of sleep at moment, Saturday is coming up and it’s okay if you want to bond with your pillow for a few more hours this weekend. You deserve it! Then wake up and blend all your bruised, squishy, produce together and drink up! Mmmm…vitamins.



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