You’ve Been Making Spaghetti The Wrong Way Your Entire Life

There’s much more to it than spaghetti pasta, tomato sauce and ground beef, and I mean MUCH MORE. My authentic Spaghetti Bolognese blew my mind. The recipe I used was absolutely sensational. I was so impressed by this dish that I would make it again over and over for anyone who asked me to. I want everyone to taste the beauty of the original recipe from Bologna, Italy. According to true Bolognians, people have repeatedly put this famous dish to shame, de-authenticizing and simplifying it to long noodles and tasteless beefy, tomato sauce. After this, I could never go back and I don’t want to!

Everything you need:


FRESH rosemary, oregano, onions, garlic, carrots and grape tomatoes are musts! I got all of my produce and herbs from a Turkish farmer’s market, the items are all fresh and affordable. I love this market at Maybachufer in Berlin. It never fails to rock my world.


I think this is really the culprit behind the intense and rich flavor you experience when eating this Italian dish:

IMG_1887Bacon. Many probably didn’t know, I certainly did not, that the first step to preparing the perfect Spaghetti Bolognese is slicing up and frying up some juicy bacon.

The recipe I followed states that the real trick is allowing the sauce to cook for more than two hours. I attribute the deep flavors to letting my sauce simmer for a while, but I actually only cooked the sauce for an hour. I still took my time adding, stirring, simmering and tasting my sauce. When it tasted right, I was ready to dive in!


Even before I added Parmesan to the sauce, it was already thick and full of sweet richness, but you cannot forget to add it towards the end! Really!

Introducing…perfection your taste buds only dream about:


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get celery sticks for my recipe. I am eager to cook this again, the next time around with all of the proper ingredients. If the celery makes a huge difference, count on hearing about it! I didn’t add too much of the optional chili, but I did throw in a pinch of fresh red chili, it was slightly present- this worked for me. I usually have to improvise for every meal, but that makes it more interesting and fun. The time it takes to gather everything you need, chop it all up and handle the sauce with the utmost care is so worth devouring these noodles bathed in love juice. I highly recommend it.



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