Experimental Salads Gone Right

A handful of lettuce and a few cherry tomatoes and stale croutons is a sorry excuse for a salad. I truly feel bad for everyone who’s image of a salad instantly reveals itself as a sad bowl of “mixed greens”. Tuna, barbecue chicken, and classic Greek Salad are a few of my favorites, as you may already have seen from some of my other posts, but lately even those have grown tired and dull. My boyfriend doesn’t necessary have anything against salads, but I’d be lying if I told you he’d choose a pile of raw vegetables over a bubbling, pepperoni pizza pie. With the intent to impress him and naturally myself, I’ve started to get creative with the greens. Such ingredients might be already quite known to you, maybe in your household they’re already salad staples even, but it’s only recently that I’ve officially declared the following salads some of my favorite meals to prepare and eat. P.S. I have also included other non-salad treats in this post because I think IT’S MY BLOG SO WHY NOT?!

This one is called, “The Favorite Salad”:


It is spectacular. I repeat, spectacular. Spinach leaves are the base, with avocado cubes– for soft, melty bites that pair so well with feta crumbles making your taste buds burst like a firework show. It’s non-stop yum. The red onions and almonds are a well-matched opponent, and give the salad the crunch that makes it taste like an illegal salad. Dried cranberries give it a wild flare and work so well against the red onion’s strong flavor that is some how balances everything out. My plate is always gobbled up before I realize I’m so totally stuffed. For satisfying hunger, this ones a sure thing.


Summer Steak and Strawberry Salad:


Steak strips and sweet strawberries? It’s like a salad on vacation that gets all giddy in the hotel and orders room service. The ice berg lettuce, red onions and sheep cheese are just other tourists SS and SS meets on the street, but only give them enough time of day to ask them to kindly take their picture. I think steak sort of has the ability to make anything better. And strawberries, well, they have attitude. They walk around like their seasonal presence allows them to strut. Its’ their right. The combo though, really. It’s magnificent.



Pico de Gallo Salsa– Blended:


What you’ll need: Diced and sliced coriander, tomatoes, red onions, garlic and chili.

How it will taste: Like a beautiful sting. It’s all spicy and stuff, but it’s, you know, one of those good kinds of pain.

Why I blended it?: ‘Cause I’m an idiot. Don’t do that. Only do that if you can truly handle spicy. Okay, it’s alright, you can do that.


For those of you in Germany wondering where I got all these lovely, fresh ingredients, try your neighborhood Asian market, or weekly Turkish market at Maybuchufer.



Baked Vegetables and Sheep Cheese:


You’ll need aluminum foil, olive oil, herbs, your favorite vegetables and some variety of sheep cheese (I use Hirten, Balkon, Feta). After you have a blast arranging all your favorites in the center of the foil square, you can wrap it up secure and place it in the oven. After 20 minutes or so, carefully remove the foil treats and with even more care, unwrap the foil and let the steaming vegis fall onto your place. Then dig in! It’s easy, it’s quick and it’s too good to describe. I could have this night after night!


And now, I close with a picture of my favorite headache cure, almonds. IMG_1780



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