Valeza's Bacherlorette PartyMy name is Aimee and I am an American Girl-Woman living abroad in Germany. I’m the scary age of 25, yes SCARY, and after my life-changing year abroad in Tübingen, I finished up my degree in California and moved back to Deutschland in 2012 for love. After working on my master’s degree in the strangest town ever, Chemnitz (a.k.a. Karl-Marx-Stadt) for the last 2 years, I recently relocated to my home away from home, Berlin. I had the pleasure of living in Berlin in the summers of 2011 and 2013 and now I am back indefinitely. I’ve pretty much fallen in love with Prenzlauer Berg and spend lots of my time going on walks around my neighborhood, attacking Turkish and Asian markets, making smoothies/other culinary masterpieces and writing. This will probably change as soon as I’m back to work! Need a Blogger/Community and Social Media and Manager? I’m your girl!

I love tea, traveling, and sneaking into tall buildings and climbing to the top with my boyfriend, Tom in order to get a good view. Learn more about me here.

TWITTER? @0haimee



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